Look what finally came in the mail.


After waiting for 7 weeks, I finally got the Fortune Wookiee paper in the mail. I also sent bonus cover yoda instructions to Tom. I might post them soon.

I figured out the cover yoda!


I have figured out The Strange Case of Origami Yoda cover yoda. I may post the instructions soon.

Origami Boba Fett

For Christmas, I got the Star Wars Origami book. So I tried Boba Fett. I used the Boba Fett paper for it. ( It comes in the book.) Worked perfectly.Picture0002

Origami New Years Baby


Ever heard¬† of ¬†The New Years Baby? It means “birth of a new year”. Well, this is a birth of origami. Happy 2013.

Merry Christmas!!!

Picture0013Merry Christmas from me, Fortune Wookiee, and Origami Santa. We hope you guys got what you wanted for Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Origami Frosty


Origami Elf instructions

Origami Elf instructions

These are instructions I made myself. Hopefully you can read them. I had to use my computer webcam. Merry Christmas Eve.

Hey Superfolders

Hey Superfolders

Hey superfolders,Im Padawan Bryce. I have created a site for you to see origami and instructions I have created. Enjoy.